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Thinking of beginning your own business in the UAE? Have many questions about starting and running a business and the processes that relate to it? Do you need real world information provided by experts in their fields? Here are all your answers. Free of cost. Informative. Resourceful.

Ask Zein works as an online consultancy blog run by Mahmoud Zein where Zein uses his personal experience and knowledge about business in the UAE to providing company incorporation information and residence visa advice for anyone considering doing business in the UAE. Whether you are just opening your business or expanding, Ask Zein has the answers you need for success.

We are an online community where entrepreneurs and businessmen online can come for information, knowledge and experiences that can help their businesses succeed.


Our mission is to provide consistent, reliable information that can offer startups the chance to enter the UAE business world while avoiding many of the pitfalls normally associated with new business incorporation.